Guestbook message By Garrett Ely: Keep shooting Guy!

Guestbook message By Jess: Lovely N&K photos, how on earth did you get N to smile so many times and get such good results. Well done.
Guestbook message By Sarah Garrard: Thank you for yesterday you were a star with a wriggly Tom. Love the photos x
Guestbook message By Matt Gallienne: hey guy just looked at the wedding photos mate very happy with them couldn't of asked for any thing better
Guestbook message By Amy Brown: I caan see you really love being behind a camera. You photos reflect that. I would love to become a photographer
when I grow up, and your images really have inspired me. 'Specially the cows ;) Love every photo you have taken and i really could sit through your gallery for hours. Keep it up.
Guestbook message By Natasha de la mare: love all your pictures u capture guernsey in a beautiful way. just orderd a calender for my guernsey grandad.
Guestbook message By Chomafia: I enjoyed finding your site after listening to "The Fall". Mark E. Smith sings a line which sounds like "Cow.. Mafia" in his happy ditty "Psycho Mafia".
Guestbook message By Helen Rhodes: i stumbled across ur work from a link via another photographers page and have to say i'm very impressed. i especially like your work from Australia, seeing places i never got to see. Keep up the good work
Guestbook message By Heather: sooo pleased you made a cow calendar! just ordered mine online... very excited :)
Guestbook message By Will Reid: Your photos are great,we recently came to guernsey for a week on holiday an i bought one.i am from montrose in scotland and plan to move to guernsey in the future your photos explain perfectly why i want to. Keep up the good work mate.
Guestbook message By Caroline: I really enjoyed looking at the gallery, Guy. You have a great eye for photos. I can only hope that, in time, I will have a fingernail of your talent. But you've certainly encouraged me to press on with it though.
Guestbook message By Claudia: Your photos are amazing, really capturing Guernsey well. The colours are amazing in all of them.
Guestbook message By Jan Looijenga: "Somewher over the rain bow" super picture, i remember it was a realy purfect rainbow
Guestbook message By Sarah Garrard: More awesome photos matey you have a natural talent. x
Guestbook message By Kieran Smale: wicked photos mate, that photo of the trident, condor and the massive ship is awesome!
Guestbook message By Emma Hill: Thanks for doing my wedding photos. Danny and I love them. Everyone has commented on the fantastic book you gave us. Thank you so much for doing such a great job.
Guestbook message By Phil Raines: I remember being blown away by your world tour photography on flickr - it's improved since then! love the lightning shot, the rising moon - they're all great.. good luck with this fantastic career move! (what a cool job) Anyway, hope to have the photographer's typical camera model / lens and so on yadda yadda chat with you when I'm next over. All the best!
Guestbook message By Lulu Knott: wow you got some really awesome pics, there keep up the good work.
Guestbook message By Straightfinder: A very cool site my friend. Stunning photos. :)
Guestbook message By Warren: You sure have a talent!! The pictures are AWESOME. What is your camera model? I am just getting started with digital and have a Canon XTRebel.
Guestbook message By Craig: awesome pictures! what camera do you use?
Guestbook message By Gary: There are some wonderful shots waiting for you here in New Zealand Guy!. I too have purchased a Canon EOS 400D and am experimenting like mad. Then along comes a pro to show you you know diddly squat. :-) More please sir?
Guestbook message By Marie Barkaway: Hi Guy, just a note to let everybody know how pleased I am with the picture of Fort Grey I purchased! We got it printed onto a huge canvas and it looks stunning. Thanks again mate x
Guestbook message By lancelihou: hi its lance hear cool photos
Guestbook message By Marc Guille: Keep up the good work mate. The Guernsey scenes are looking spanking mate.
Guestbook message By Mike Bonsall: I just had to congratulate you on your recent 'Guernsey's South Coast' picture Guy. The composition, timing, exposure control and overall sense of drama is superb! Excellent work. All the best, Mike
Guestbook message By Daniel Vernon: I must say your photos are the most amazing that I have ever seen. I am from Perth, Western Australia and I have never seen anyone capture the beauty of Australia as you have. I have a Canon EOS400D and I am looking at purchasing an L series lens (24-105mm). I hope it will be an improvement on the standard 18-55mm kit lens. Keep up the good work! Kind Regards, Daniel PS. If you are even in Perth can I pay you for some lessons :)
Guestbook message By Emma Hill: Just to say that the Calenders you did are great. Loads of people have commented on how great they are. And they made a great gift for family.
Guestbook message By Mike: Great site Guy. I really like what you've done here with your photos and this site. Perhaps one day I might be able to do something like this. - Mike J (-) Ions - from Flickr
Guestbook message By Chloe Looijenga: Amazing photos love the cows. colours are superb.
Guestbook message By Jason Sarre: Good luck mate, I see you have updated the "i's" ;-)
Guestbook message By Mike-B: Nice to have met you Guy, I like your style of pictures, The Rising Moon is brilliant!
Guestbook message By Emma Jones: Awesome photos mate. Love the ones of Guernsey you capture its true beauty.