There are few places in the world where you can witness the sun rise over the horizon in the east and see it disappear 12 hours later in the west. This makes Guy’s home island of Guernsey the ideal training ground for any wannabe landscape photographer. Guy's interest in photography kick-started with the onset of the digital age, initially using a small point and shoot camera, before embarking on a year of solo travel around the globe with a Canon DSLR. The camera turned out to be the perfect travel companion. Since his first trip he has travelled extensively around Asia and large parts of the USA and Europe presenting him with an appreciation of our surroundings and other cultures.

Since launching Guy Brown Photography in 2008, Guy has had his work featured in Lonely Planet Magazine, the Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, DSLR magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine and various Channel Islands publications. Guy also dabbles in travel writing and is a regular contributor to the Guernsey Press.

"One of the joys of travel photography is the lack of planning involved and a lot of it is down to luck, pure and simple. Leaving the hotel every day and not having a clue what will end up on the memory card come the evening, makes this the most exciting and rewarding form of photography"

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